January 25, 2017

[Blog Post #25 of 21-Day Blog Post Challenge]

It’s fun reconnecting with friends from two incarnations ago when I was a commercial real estate broker. 

CRE brokerage was a heady, fast-moving, ego-driven world. Super high risk, high reward.

Yesterday I received a call from...

January 22, 2017

[Blog Post #22 of 21]

Our economy is changing faster than we can comprehend. It’s going to be increasing rare for people to find a job with one company and stay there until they retire.

We change employers. We change fields. We start businesses. We become consultants.

A p...

January 18, 2017

[Blog Post #18 of 21]

“Was it worth it?”

I just returned home to New Jersey after six hours in NYC. I went there to meet some real estate friends in person after building an online connection.

My wife wanted to know the ROI.

It’s a fair question given that most of us place...

January 12, 2017

[Blog Post #12 of 21]

I recently created a personal website with my name as the URL.

The decision to start branding myself as me, RichHopen.com, wasn’t easy.

I sought advice from a number of business colleagues whom I respect. Their opinions differed. 

Most told me to bran...

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