Okay Seth Godin, I accept your challenge

Seth Godin is one of today's most prominent authors, speakers, influencers in marketing. He gave us insights in permissive marketing and social media marketing before those terms entered our lexicon. Seth is a scholar, a contrarian, and my guess, a really good guy.

He kind of fell of my radar over the past few years, but I'm now paying more attention. I really like him.

This morning I was listening to an interview and he gave the audience a challenge. He said (I'm paraphrasing): "Blog every day for the next three weeks and it will change your life."

I'm deep in thought a lot of the day. I'm an ideas guy. I follow what others are saying. I participate in groups online. And I help friends figure stuff out.

I'm down for Seth Godin's challenge. Let's see what I got.

I will blog daily until January 21, 2017 and then decide if he was right.

And by the way, I won't determine this blog's success by readers, likes, or comments. Rather, I will decide if I've improved my thinking and my contribution to others.

See ya tomorrow.




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