One Is the Loneliest Number

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If you are close to my age (gulp... 58), reading this blog post title will trigger your memory of the 1968 hit song by Three Dog Night.

The song was about being alone.

But today, 1/1/17, as I write blog post #1, one is not the loneliest number.

One is the number filled with promise, potential, and possibility.

Today is the one day throughout the entire year that everyone is expected to contemplate the next 365 days.

Every other day, we think about that day's goals. Or maybe the week.

January 1st is different. Our time perspective stretches to a full year.

But just THINKING about the year ahead is easy.

The hard part is deciding what's most important, having ambitious but realistic goals, and developing the plan.

Over the past week, I've spent about 5 hours working on my plan for the year. And I'm not done.

This exercise is little trickier this year than in the past.

My 2017 goals depend upon achieving proficiency in at 3 things that are new to me (social media marketing, residential real estate brokerage, and flipping houses).

Fortunately I have colleagues and friends who have mastered those things. And they will guide me.

I am not shy about asking for help.

Are you?



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