Why are you so impatient?

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Every New Years, my family sends out a video about the past year. We’ve done this for six years.

It’s wonderful to share our lives with our friends, but we get more joy from working together to create the video.

As I was editing the video with my daughter Bernadette, I noticed something interesting.

The pace of our New Years videos has quickened over the years.

Our 2010 video is shorter in duration but feels twice as long as the new video.

If you watch our 2017 video (it’s fun, I promise), you won’t lose focus or be bored for a second. It’s fast paced.

By contrast, our 2010 video may put you to sleep.

If you watched the 2010 video in 2010, you wouldn’t have felt that way.

And if you were able to watch our 2017 video in 2010, you would have thought it was made by someone on meth.

Our world is speeding up.

We need things NOW.

When we want to connect with someone, we want them to be available NOW.

Suppose you wanted to speak with a colleague and you called them.

The phone rings… one ring…. two rings… three rings… four rings… and then “Hi…. this is Sally Pants Magee… thanks for calling… I’m sorry I’m not here to answer your call… at the sound of the tone, please leave a message, and I will call you back as soon as I can. Have a great day.”

Would you squirm during that 7 second message. Or worse, would you feel agitated and a little bit pissed off?

I do. In fact I feel angry that they are wasting MY valuable time.

In 2017, I will be more respectful of other people’s time.

It’s their most most valuable asset.

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