The Lines Are Blurring

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I have a vivid early childhood memory of riding the train with my father from the suburbs into center city Philadelphia.

It was a steamy summer day and all the windows of the train were open. The train was loud, the wind was blowing through the cabin, and it looked like a scene from Madmen.

The businessmen (all men, of course) wore fedora hats, Seersucker suits, and were smoking cigars, pipes, or cigarettes. They read the Philadelphia Inquirer and masterfully turned the pages by folding the paper into fourths.

My dad's work day began and ended on the train.

Work was work. Home was home.

Today, the line between these two worlds aren’t just blurring, they are vanishing. (Thank you technology.)

I now share select business news with my friends and family on Facebook.

I become Facebook friends with business colleagues I meet on private Facebook groups.

I’m also starting to share personal news with business friends.

This morning I sent a family New Year’s video to a new client. Before I hit “send” I paused, but sent it anyway.

She replied immediately, “Oh my goodness, this is awesome! I love it!”

This small gesture of sharing my personal life with a new client engenders trust and likability.

Likability is a key pillar to building a solid relationship in business.

Stop posturing and be you.

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