Just Say "No"

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“Dear Professor Hopen, Thank you for being a great teacher!”

This was the opening sentence of an email I received from one of my students.

Last fall, I taught Business Law as an adjunct professor at a local community college. My class had 28 students and we met three times a week for 14 weeks.

That’s a lot of time in the classroom and even more time preparing for each class.

Teaching the material in an engaging format was a continual challenge. But when the students were focused, having fun, engaging with one another, and learning the material, I felt greater satisfaction than anything else I’ve done professionally.

In short, I fell in love with teaching.

However, I just informed the dean that I won’t teach in the Spring.

It was a difficult decision, but I’m learning the power of saying no.

I need to pour all my energy into learning residential real estate brokerage and applying what I’ve learned as commercial real estate broker, entrepreneur, social media guy, and lawyer to being a superstar at Redfin.

Saying “no” is hard for a lot of us, especially when we believe we can do something better than others. But time is finite and unless we treat it with tremendous respect, we won’t reach our potential.

The next time you're unsure about making a new commitment that's not essential to bringing you closer to your goals, maybe you should just say no.

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