Three Key Traits to Winning Clients

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Indulge me for a moment while I establish credibility.

When I practiced law in Florida, there were only a few successful environmental law firms in the state. Mine was one of them.

I received the highest legal competency and ethics rating from my peers and the judiciary (Martindale-Hubbell AV). My clients included Rolls Royce, Motorola, Kmart, J&J, Westinghouse, Waste Management, and top Florida companies.

As a NJ commercial real estate broker with my own firm, I also had top clients. They included the second largest Indian company, one of the largest privately owned manufacturers in the US, and a Fortune 100 managed health care company.

I'm not bragging. I just know how to get great clients.

Here are three things that are required.

1) Establish credibility by demonstrating you are competent.

Provide information and insight that will help your prospect. However, don't be lazy when picking a topic. Be creative and set yourself apart from your competitors.

For example, my friend Dustin Brohm wrote a post (with video) about the 10 best playgrounds in Salt Lake City. He did field research with his young son.

Brilliant! Check out his site for other ideas.

2) Be trustworthy.

Everyone is used to being sold to. The best way to win over a prospect is simply by not selling.

Focus on what’s best for them. Advise them as if they were your best friend’s brother or your college roommate's kid.

In short, don’t act like a sales person.

3) Be likable.

When your clients like you, they’ll refer you to others.

The best way to build a relationship and become likable is to focus the conversation on them. When you ask good questions and listen closely to their answers, you’ll uncover what they need.

And then apply your skills and creativity to fulfill their need.

It's that simple.




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