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About once a week, I grab coffee or a meal with a friend or business colleague and we discuss how they can grow their business.

They are in different industries.

One friend is a top performing furniture rep who sells office furniture to large companies.

Another heads up a commercial construction project management firm. Some of the other industries are event sponsorship, clean energy, roofing tiles, and personal fitness.

The industries are diverse, but they usually ask me the same question.

“How can I use social media to reach more prospects and start building relationships?”

I am not a master at social media. I’m not even advanced.

I’m just a practitioner who cares enough to study it and try to improve.

As a result, I know more than most of my peers and I can usually offer worthwhile advice.

They ask about the ROI. They ask why a 58 year old is on Snapchat.

I give a long list of business reasons why it’s essential to become conversant with social media to grow a business and survive.

But that's not why I'm into it.

Social media is interesting, challenging, and fun.

It’s interesting to observe how our behaviors are changing.

For example, I used to read about 25 books a year. I probably read five books in 2016.

This doesn’t mean that I watched TV sitcoms with the time I used to spend reading business books. I’m now learning by reading blogs, watching videos, and listening to podcasts.

It’s challenging to learn a platform knowing that it’s likely to change shortly after I declare “Oh... I got this!”

New platforms usually open up new opportunities. If it doesn’t, I’ve at least learned a new way to deliver content that could be applied to another platform.

What I learned on Periscope will be applicable to using Facebook Live.

It’s fun.

One reason why Snapchat is so successful is because it’s fun. The app allows users to be creative and silly with the filters.

When something is fun and has utility as a social interaction tool, it’s going to be used. And Snapchat’s growth and upcoming IPO valuation are proof.

I will continue to learn the new platforms and meet other professionals doing the same.

I will also help my friends change their thinking about social medial so they aren’t left behind.

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