Dumbing Down Social Media Marketing For Old School Executives

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I had a business lunch meeting with two executives who work for the third largest commercial real estate brokerage firm in the US.

The discussion turned to social media marketing and I quickly realized they were cynical about its potential.

I told them to imagine a room filled with prospective clients who were eager to hear them speak.

During their talk, they gave the audience a lot of valuable information and conveyed expertise.

This was followed with "Q & A" and some of the questions were tough. They were quick on their feet and gave intelligent, concise answers. They were funny and likable. In short, they won over the audience.

When their talk ends, a handful of audience members wait to speak with them. One or two of those people may become clients.

I said that is exactly what you can accomplish with social media.

You can establish expertise, provide value, show your personality, answer individual questions, and get new clients.

And you can do this 24/7.

Their response, "Is that really possible?"

Yep. That's how businesses roll in 2017.




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