Help! My Brain is Broken!

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I am starting to really enjoy Snapchat.

I’m building great relationships and I know that it’s going to be an important platform for launching my real estate brand and supporting my company’s growth.

That doesn’t mean I’m still not using Twitter or LinkedIn. I am. There’s value there as well.

However, what I’m most excited about is a private Facebook group for folks in real estate using social media. The members selflessly share resources and provide insights. It has inspired me to start my own group for employees of my company.

Instagram! One of the best platforms but I barely use it. That's a big problem. I've put it near the top of my agenda for 2017.

Pinterest is completely foreign to me, but my friends say it’s a great way to drive traffic to my blog. That's also on the list.

Learning how to use all these platforms isn’t hard because there’s so much free content from the experts.

They post daily Youtube videos. They have podcasts and Facebook Live events.

And of course there are dozens of books, but reading takes too long. I just can't fit it into my schedule.

So I started listening to books on Audible when I’m driving or working out.

I can do everything.

The tools are available.

If only I could work just a little bit harder, I can reach all my goals.

I think.

But maybe not.

Here's the problem.

I only see two options: 1) Keep up with the changes and stay ahead of the curve. 2) Don’t.

I’ve opted for the first, but the biggest challenge for 2017 won’t be cranking out valuable content, building my brand, becoming proficient on new platforms, or even making money.

My biggest challenge will be retraining my brain.

The amount of distractions seem to grow exponentially.

If I don't learn how to retrain my brain to filter out the noise and to focus on what's most important...

I will fail.

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