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January 13, 2017

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Real estate agents are "salespeople." 


Is that an insult? 


Agents who work hard to put client satisfaction ahead of their own interest might be offended.


That's because salesperson is a dirty word. It conjures up images of manipulative sales tactics to get a prospective buyer to say yes.


Real estate sales in 2017 is very different than sales taught to the agents in Glengarry Glen Ross.


Sales is undergoing a makeover.


The trainers and gurus aren't teaching tactics. Instead they advocate empathy and a consultative approach.


Makes sense to me because that's how I've always interacted with prospects and clients. 


Treat people with respect. Pay attention to their needs. Form a relationship. Become their trusted advisor. Boom!


But I'm not sure if good listening and empathy are skills that can be taught.


I understand an agent can learn "active listening" techniques, but I doubt that it will come across as genuine.


And I believe empathy is innate. You got it or you don't.


What do you think?


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