I Stepped Into the Future of Residential Real Estate Brokerage

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Here’s what it looks like.

It’s a company where real estate agents don’t compete with each other.

They root for one another.

They don’t spend any time chasing new business.


The company’s technology platform provides a stream of prospective customers.

Agents are paid a salary and bonuses based on customer satisfaction. This transforms the client-agent relationship.

Technology is part of the company's DNA. Software engineers obsess over making life easier for agents and customers.

The company leaders are mission driven to change the industry, but remind employees that their family life and personal relationships are more important than work.

Employees are treated with respect. They are cared for and loved.

Employees reciprocate.

Employees are excited about their potential in the company and the company’s future.

I just spent 48 hours with the entire company and every person I met was kind, welcoming, smart, and thrilled to part of something big.

The company is Redfin.

Keep an eye on us.

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