Why am I so Damn Happy?

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I normally fall asleep in about 90 seconds, but one night a few years I was tossing and turning.

I had just launched a new company and my mind was being flooded with ideas.

After 20 minutes, I whispered to my wife Jody, “Are you awake?”

She said, “Yes, I’m so worried about the future. Why are you awake?”

I replied, “Because I’m so excited about the future!”

My excitement makes me a happy guy.

I never understood why I viewed life this way.

I pictured a little dopamine valve in my brain stuck in the open position. But last week, I heard a better explanation.

A well-known researcher and expert on the science of happiness, Shawn Achor, spoke at the Redfin event. (Here's his popular TED talk.)

He gave this definition of happiness and it perfectly describes the lens through which I view life...

“Happiness is the joy you feel moving toward your potential.”




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