Turning Digital Connections Into Friendships

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The business value of social media continues to amaze me.

I regularly interact with real estate professionals in a private Facebook group, on Snapchat, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The deepest connections are created on Facebook and Snapchat.

On the Facebook group, I post questions, answer questions, provide my opinion, link to resources, share stories, and joke around with the members.

On Snapchat, I share my day as it happens through short video and photos in my “story.” My Snapchat friends watch my “snaps” and comment. I watch their stories and also comment.

The results from my efforts are friendships with other real estate professionals.

Tomorrow night I’ll be meeting some of these people in NYC. I’ve never had a phone conversation, text message, or exchanged emails with any of them. The contact has only been through Facebook and Snapchat.

But here’s the interesting part. I feel as if I’m reuniting with close friends.

It should be fun.

I may even broadcast it via Facebook Live.

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