Sometimes It's Better to Stay Home

January 18, 2017


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“Was it worth it?”


I just returned home to New Jersey after six hours in NYC. I went there to meet some real estate friends in person after building an online connection.


My wife wanted to know the ROI.


It’s a fair question given that most of us place a high premium on time and attention. 


The trip into NYC required driving to the train station. Taking a train to Newark and then transferring to the PATH train to downtown. And then a 15 minute walk to O’Haras Pub. 


And add 40 minutes to the trip home because I had to wait for my train.


Years ago, I wouldn’t have thought twice about an outing like this.


When I began my professional career as a lawyer, before the Internet or social media hijacked personal relationships, it was necessary to attend a lot of events.


I chaired a slew of county and state Chamber of Commerce committees. I spoke at conferences. I was involved with the bar associations and trade groups. I chaired local governmental committees. I even sat on a transition team for a Governor. And I attended countless political fundraisers.


But it worked. 


I built relationships that turned into business.


However, it’s not the 1990s. 


In 2017 I could have have used those valuable six hours on social media connecting to a lot of new people and strengthening existing relations.


So to answer Jody’s question “Was it worth it?”


No, it wasn’t.


But damn, I enjoyed the Guiness.

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