Does Time Manage You?

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Yesterday’s blog post Sometimes It’s Better to Stay Home generated a lot of discussion about the ROI of attending a networking event.

How we use our time wisely is perhaps one of life’s most important questions.

It’s been discussed throughout the ages. From religious leaders, Greek philosophers, great industrialists, and more recently Stephen Covey, David Allen, Rory Vaden, and today’s social media gurus like Gary Vaynerchuk.

Where we choose to spend our time is the most important decision we make. It impacts every aspect of our life. Our livelihood, lifestyle, relationships, health, well-being, and happiness.

For example, here are some of today's questions that were swimming around my cluttered little brain.

  • Should I go to the gym this morning or sleep a little bit longer? (I've worked out the past 8 days.)

  • Should I eat a quick less healthy breakfast or make something healthy that takes more time?

  • Should I hang out for ten minutes with my 17 year old son before he heads to school or should I start my blog post?

  • Should I respond to multiple emails from clients or work on an article that will answer commuting questions that all my new clients seem to ask?

  • Should I continue to mentor business colleagues not in my field about social media marketing?

  • Should I edit an article written by my mother-in-law’s 90 years old boyfriend, set up an account for him on Medium, and post it?

  • Should I plan a few dinners, go food shopping, and make some dinners instead of allowing this to default to Jody who works long hours as a nurse? (That’s obvious, right?)

  • Should I reach out to some of my students from last semester just to see how they are doing?

Did you say "yes" to all? If I worked on those items today, I wouldn't get my "real" work done.

What’s the best approach to managing time?

I don't know. It's a daily struggle.

I’ve studied and practiced time management methodologies from Stephen Covey, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, and David Allen.

They each worked fine until my life changed or the world sped up.

I just go with my gut and try not to ignore either the urgent and important tasks while working on the significant things that will enrich me, my family, and others tomorrow.




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