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This is the 21st post of the 21-day Seth Godin blog post challenge. Now what?

First question… Was it worth it?

Yes. Definitely.

Before I embarked on this challenge, I wrote long posts. They were about 2,000 words and took 30 to 40 hours to research and write.

Writing short posts that can be read in three minutes is liberating.

However, it’s not easy.

I still labor over the topic and when I sit down, I spend 90 minutes writing, finding a good image, uploading it to my site, and posting it on social.

90 minutes is a commitment.

Some of my posts sparked interesting discussions and others were retweeted by colleagues whom I haven’t talked to in years.

That was gratifying.

But what was the business value?

Simple. I’m learning a new craft and building an audience. Now that I'm more comfortable writing, I will write posts that have a clear business objective.

Shortly, I will begin writing to a new audience.

Prospective clients. These are mostly young couples leaving NYC urban areas for the NJ suburbs.

I’ve assembled a long list of topics that are based on questions I've received from clients. I'm excited about the content.

I will also blog daily.

I like how it’s changing my view of the world.

Instead of just being swept through the day, I often observe situations as an outsider and look for a unique perspective that would be worth sharing.

If so… that’s a blog post. (Reminds me of Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza discussing topics for their daily sitcom and declaring “That’s an episode!”)

See ya tomorrow.

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