Should Your Grown Children Have a Personal Website?

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Our economy is changing faster than we can comprehend. It’s going to be increasing rare for people to find a job with one company and stay there until they retire.

We change employers. We change fields. We start businesses. We become consultants.

A personal website is a way to tie everything together.

It’s also a great way to launch a career.

My 22 year old daughter Bernadette, graduated from college in December 2015. Upon graduation, she traveled alone for 5 months in Southeast Asia. She blogged during her adventure and accrued over 1,000 followers.

She’s transforming her blog into a personal website where she’ll document her job pursuant and how she's using social media to build her personal brand in her field. (See How College Students Can Use Social Media to Find Their Dream Job.)

My 17 year old son Matthew, will be studying art in college. Art is his passion and destiny. He just built his personal website where he showcases his art.

I will urge him to document the creative process as he produces new pieces. Ideally, after four years, he will have built his reputation and that will position him for success.

There are several platforms that make it very easy to build a website. I highly recommend WIX.

Combine your knowledge of the working world with your kids' proficiency with technology and social media to help them be successful.

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