Ambitious Goals? Put Yourself in the Spotlight

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For the past year, I thought about blogging on a regular basis, but didn’t think I’d stick to it. So I never started.

However, on December 31st I announced in a private Facebook group that I was going to blog every day for 21 days. I even got permission from the group’s leader to link to my posts.

My little world of 800 real estate professionals would hold me accountable. They would see if I was successful or if I failed.

I was successful.

And daily blogging is now part of my morning routine.

Sometimes it’s necessary to share your more ambitious goals with others.

I recently did this at a new job.

In a big way.

I joined Redfin, a national residential real estate brokerage firm that is poised to disrupt the industry. At its core, it’s a technology company with a very innovative CEO who has built a wonderful culture.

I love their mission and how they’re planning to grow.

However, I think the company can do better.

I wrote up a plan and sent it directly to the CEO. He replied within an hour.

He cc’d his top executives and gave a detailed answer to each of my ideas. He delegated much of the follow up to his team. I’m starting to hear back from them.

I am thrilled with his support and it’s cool that the C-suite knows me.

If I succeed in New Jersey, my ideas can be replicated throughout the US. This has the potential to significantly grow the company and help thousands of families.

This motivates me.

But I’m equally motivated because I put myself in the spotlight.

Others are watching.

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