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It’s fun reconnecting with friends from two incarnations ago when I was a commercial real estate broker.

CRE brokerage was a heady, fast-moving, ego-driven world. Super high risk, high reward.

Yesterday I received a call from a friend who I worked with 10 years ago.

I gave him a 20-minute download of my new life in residential real estate at Redfin and my continued obsession with social media marketing.

I also told him that I meet monthly with four accomplished professionals outside of real estate to discuss their social media strategy. He was intrigued and asked how much I charged.

“I do it for free. I enjoy helping them. It’s fun for me.”

[Cue in the sound of crickets]

“Hmm,” he said.

And then I launched into the business justifications for giving away my time. But they were weak.

There’s no way I could possibly know if the 6 to 8 hours I will spend each month will be financially beneficial.

But it doesn’t matter. I’m helping people whom I like and respect.

If they follow my suggestions and it improves their business, I’ll feel great.

And that “feeling” will be sufficient remuneration.

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