Realtors Still Rely on Mailers and Cold Calls

"Past success is no indication of future performance."

This disclosure accompanies investment opportunities. However, it could also be used for sales and marketing.

Recently I attended a meeting with 175 Realtors and there was a panel presentation featuring top performing agents. They shared success stories, challenges, and how they pursue new business. Not surprisingly, there was a lot of discussion about direct mail, print ads, networking, and cold calling.

These old-school methods built their business and they still work today. That’s why they keep deploying them. Plus, they know how to do it. It’s comfortable.

What’s the downside?

There are two problems with only using what works and not exploring social media marketing. First, if a company doesn’t spend a portion of their marketing budget testing new methods, they won’t know if they are getting the most value from their dollars.

Cold calling, direct mail, and print ads may work in 2017, but how effective is it? Will a mailer to an entire zip code work as well as a Facebook ad in that zip code targeted to baby boomers who are about to become empty nesters? (At a fraction of the cost of a mailer.)

The only way to find out is to test it.

Second, failure to use social media to reach their audience is ignorant. This is where we spend our time.

We all know from personal experience that our phones are getting more of our attention than in the past. And 54% of the time on mobile is spent on social networks.

Reach your target audience on the platforms where they spend time.

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