The Best Part of Social Networks is... Socializing

I have met too many people who have accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook, but they never post.

They watch others, but don’t contribute.

They’re not socializing on social networks.

They are missing out. And the irony is that many of them are smart, articulate, and outgoing.

I ask them, “Why would you attend a party, hide in the shadows, and watch others having fun?”

The power and beauty of these platforms is that participants will learn best practices from folks around the US, build real friendships with people they wouldn’t have otherwise met, and feel great helping others.

Here's my advice how to get started:

  • Find conversations that interest you and monitor the discussion.

  • Contribute by adding a comment.

  • Ask questions and when someone answers, thank them. Ask a follow question if you have one.

  • Avoid selling. You are there to add value. If you lapse into promoting your product or service, you’ll turn people off and tarnish your reputation.

  • Join an online community focused on teaching how to use social media. All the platforms are unique, have different cultures, and change. It’s not easy keeping up so it’s nice when you are part of a community that helps one another. (If you are in real estate, I highly recommend joining the private Facebook group SnapPack Live. Feel free to use my name.)

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