Teaching Without a Classroom

Although I took a hiatus from teaching college, this week felt like the beginning of a semester.

I'm teaching two classes... sorta.

The first has five students and I'll meet with them individually, once a month, for 90 minutes.

They are professionals who want to learn about social media marketing to grow their business and build their personal brand.

They have achieved success in office furniture sales, project management, law, mortgage lending, and local politics.

They’re personable, driven, smart and observant.

They’ve noticed a shift in the business world.

If they don’t become comfortable with social media marketing, they’ll stop attracting new clients.

I will help them by taking the mystery out of Twitter, Snapchat, and blogging. They’ll have homework and I will hold them accountable.

The second “class” is a content creation project I initiated at work. I’ll be leading a group of 22 colleagues. Our goal will be to create valuable content about local markets.

We’ll meet on Google Hangouts and in a private Facebook group. This will be challenging, fun, and potentially very impactful.

An upside of teaching is self-discovery.

Here’s my epiphany…

When I taught last semester, I told my family and friends that I fell in love with teaching college students.

I now realize this wasn’t accurate.

I simply fell in love with teaching.

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