Using Snapchat to Build Real Friendships

My friend Chelsea Peitz is well known in real estate social media circles because she shares valuable insights and tips each day with her community.

I just watched a "snap" (a short video on Snapchat) where she posed a question - “How has Snapchat changed how we connect and communicate with people?”

Here’s my take on Snapchat after using it for a few months.

It’s an amazing way to build a deep connection.

If I meet someone in a business setting, we’ll talk business and possibly touch upon our personal lives. If we discover a common interest outside of work, it will strengthen the relationship.

For example, I was at a company event mid-January and I was introduced to someone from Salt Lake City. After talking about The Book of Mormon, our conversation somehow led to motorcycles. We spent the next hour talking about our passion for riding. We’re now friends on Facebook and share photos of our rides.

The Snapchat community encourages this type of communication. Users share all aspects of their lives.

I don’t just watch Chelsea’s daily social media marketing tips, I see the crazy stuff that happens during the course of her day as a mom, wife, and friend. Her candor and self-deprecating humor makes her likable, entertaining, and trustworthy.

I’ve gotten to know the real Chelsea Peitz, not just her scripted professional profile.

Chelsea’s willingness to share all aspects of her life isn’t unique. It’s how most of my new Snapchat friends behave. They are honest about who they are and over time I decide if I'd like the Snapchat connection to evolve into a real world friendship.

Here’s how it typically occurs...

I'll watch their daily stories and comment on a snap. They'll respond and they may watch my daily stories. If they comment, I'll respond with a voice or video message. This may lead to a phone call or a video chat. It often advances from there.

Snapchat is the best social platform to create meaningful relationships.

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