The Value of Being Mentored

I love talking with people in different industries and learning about their challenges. They share similar stories about how technology is changing the demand for their service or pricing. Uncertainty about their company’s future worries them.

I fire off questions and try to uncover an opportunity for them to grow professionally. I usually provide good counsel.

If I can help others navigate through uncertain times, I should be able to chart my own course. Right?


My biggest challenge is reining in my enthusiasm. I’m an “ideas guy.” I’m ambitious and at times, overly confident.

As I embarked on a new career in residential real estate brokerage with Redfin, a company positioned to disrupt the industry, I knew I would need help.

Being an employee in a company that encourages dissent, creativity, and initiative is exciting and scary. It’s exciting because it is the perfect environment for me. There are no shackles. It’s scary because I could lose focus and pursue too many opportunities.

I needed a mentor to guide me. Someone not in my company and outside of my circle of friends and business colleagues.

I wanted someone who was accomplished, driven, and objective.

I found her.

She questions my assumptions, respectfully challenges me, and gives me practical advice.

She ensures I’m seeing the big picture and I’m on the right path.

It’s comforting knowing someone is looking over my shoulder.

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