Sometimes a mission chooses you

When Jody and I sold our house in December 2017, we were victims of mortgage wire fraud. Our mortgage payoff was stolen and our lender (Wells Fargo) deposited $239,000 into the criminal's account instead of our mortgage account.

Eight months later this mess hasn't been resolved.

As a victim and a real estate agent, I wanted to understand how the fraud occurred. I dove into the problem and discovered it's widespread, but grossly unreported.

I've spent hundreds of hours researching the issue, speaking with national experts, and educating clients and real estate professionals. I was invited to participate on a national mortgage wire fraud task force.

I'm creating videos, writing articles, and speaking about the problem. Buyers and sellers are unaware of the problems and don't know how to protect themselves. I'm determined to change that.

I'm on a mission.

.... Here's a video I created with my son Matt.



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