There are ninjas in my brain

If I filled a room with former colleagues and business partners and asked them to describe me, I’m confident no one would utter the phrase, “You mastered…”

They may say I was “good” or even “really good” at being an environmental lawyer, commercial real estate broker, entrepreneur, or real estate agent. No one would say I was the best or an expert. I never mastered my field, or even a slice of it.

However, I have mastered one thing in my life. And it’s been a secret, until now.

I have attained mastery status as a procrastinator.

My procrastination goes way beyond “I’ll start my serious workout routine tomorrow” or “I’ll start working on my resume when my company begins downsizing.”

My procrastination is so sophisticated, I have no idea I’m procrastinating.

Over my life, I’ve developed a cadre of ninja mind warriors who live in the dark corners of my subconscious. They’ve figured out how to trick me into feeling so good about what I’m doing, I have no idea what I’m avoiding.

I call it productive procrastination.

The ninjas don’t waste their time trying to distract me from doing daily tasks, because they’d lose that battle. Instead they focus on the big life goals I'm trying to achieve.

Here's an example. If I decide I’ll spend a half day working on gathering numbers for a personal financial plan, I’ll mysteriously get distracted and will work on a new project that will solve an industry problem. Or, I’ll prepare a slide deck for my CEO about a super creative revenue generating idea.

Or maybe I'll write a blog post about procrastination.



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